Strategy camera question

How to set the camera as in the strategy? So that when the mouse cursor moves to the edges of the screen, the camera moves and rotates around the viewing area when holding down the right mouse button. I removed the hero and installed the camera for the actor. But the game is just an overview camera, the same as in the project creation mode.

If you could search the forums… :wink: Or if YT had a search bar… :wink: Seriously, this has been done many times. Just knock yourself out.

What means Just knock yourself out?

It means: go ahead, try it as much as you want

A lot of the things you’re asking about have been done and you do not need to wait for answers. It is much easier (and faster!) to look it up.

In my opinion this is rude

It means to have a good time, actually. Probably does not translate all that well into Russian.

I am wondering how you found out that I am translating into Russian?

If you did not post this in Russian then the forum has a cool feature!

That’s it, you figured it out, my task to infiltrate the pentagon failed)

You can do this with a widget, place translucent borders at edges of the screen. When the cursor enters one of those borders, you send a request to the camera actor / pawn.

Isn’t it easier to make the width and height of the screen resolution, if the position of the mouse on the screen is less than 0.05 of the screen width, then there is movement?

Sounds good, go for it. There’s many ways of achieving it, depends on what features you need.

The problem is that I don’t know how to implement my idea in UE4. I spent a lot of time learning another engine. But there it was impossible to achieve the desired result, to say the least.
There are more opportunities here, you need to study. So I think I need to study for many years in order to learn how to implement ideas and possibly make it my profession, as I want. And then a new engine will appear and it turns out that you need to learn to ride an invented bicycle again. And what should I look for answers for each action?
if you ask a question on the forum - the answer is: do it yourself.

The very first tutorial on YT does that:

The first 2 parts are around 25 mins long. Seems to cover what you need (and more).

You could start with this:

A pawn with a camera, compare the values you talked about and apply movement to this pawn. Could be a start. To move right, you could:

And how did you understand that this is exactly the Russian language if you do not know it?

Who says I don’t know it? :wink: I know a little bit of Russian, enough to offend somebody, for sure. And if you paste stuff into Google Translate, it will decipher the languages for you.

Why would you offend someone?
And it has some meaning from which language who is translating?
Well, from Arabic or from Spanish, does that make any difference to you?
interesting: why you needed to know this.

I have a dream to make a 3D game in an unreal engine. For one to pump the skills of a 3D artist for a possible future profession. I have an idea, one game, but I am shocked by what a huge amount of work I have to do for this, not counting the time spent studying how this or that action is implemented. I don’t even know, I already want to give up this sick idea.