Strategy camera question

Easy things are not worth the hassle.

Learn little by little. More time doing tutorials, less time talking to the strangers on the internet :stuck_out_tongue: You now have enough script above to move the camera in one direction. Now try to move it in the other.

what can happen? The main thing is not to give personal data to anyone. And it’s interesting to understand that what you thought for a long time is actually not true. And the world is full of normal people.

and how to disable navigation by familiar keys: w a s d?

If you create a new Pawn and Possess it (like I did in the example above), you will be unable to move it with WASD - unless you implement the movement yourself, or you’re using something that has the movement implemented already.

and how to disable navigation by familiar keys: w a s d?

How to disable it will depend on how it’s implemented.

will your example work on all monitors regardless of resolution the same?

It should. I just suggested something you wanted to implement. If it works for this ridiculous resolution, perhaps it will work for all of it:

But I would worry about this later - once you have your game going. Trust me (or not), but moving the camera around is the least of your worries…

Do you want to say that I will not be able to implement my project? Why?
Then I make sure by checking at different resolutions
You Americans have done everything so cleverly here that I generally cannot understand how the movement of these keys is realized in the blueprint without indicating the keys anywhere

Will you be here every day for free to help me with every problem that I face every second. I need to figure out how to implement the project myself.

Very unlikely. But keep going, keep asking questions. There’s always someone around to help out.

Good luck!

Thank you!
good luck to you too!

I can’t understand why it doesn’t work for me
when does the event tick start?

Post screenshots when you ask questions - always helps.

You’re missing the Floating Movement Component:


But why then w, a, s, d give motion without a component?

Everything worked out, thanks for the help! Now the remaining 3 sides remain. I think I can handle it

when the camera rotates around the field of view, is the movement disturbed or not? If the angle is 0 degrees to the right from the right, and 180 degrees to the right from the left.
happened. Now I’m afraid that when the camera rotates, the camera movement will be disrupted

Is there a reason why you don’t want to follow a basic tutorial? I feel it would help you a lot.

Thank you very much for your help!

I apologize for not creating new topics. I will try not to do that anymore.