Strange view in VR Preview 4.25.3

Hi everyone!)
I have some strange problem, when I start VR Preview in editor in popup window image like in zoom mode, it seems like showing only part of full image. In Odyssey everything looks fine, like it should be. It is not a big problem for regular vr, but if I try to use pixel streaming in stream the same picture.

In 4.24.3 and 4.25.2 everything was fine, there wasn’t such problem

In editor window it looks like this

In VR Preview this

So I assume that is something has been changed in Spectator Screen in 4.25.3 because build which was built on 4.25.2 working fine.
Spectator Screen looks like it was cropped from upper left corner…

I am pretty much in the same position here.
i even tried to make a spectator camera but it is also bugged in the preview i have no idea why…
i am still pretty new to unreal tho so i cannot rule out user error on my part.