Strange Triangle shadow from spotlight static lights

Greetings guys,

I have a problem with one of the spotlights it had a weird triangle shape shadow and if i removed this spot light the problem is gone but it transfer into another spot light…

when i even added them back it’s okay but problem stay with the last spot light effected by this cancer xD…if i remove it , it will transfer into another spotlight…

i hope u get what i mean from the ss.
i have generated the light maps but to make sure i did it again manually that is 100% not the light map problem

thank you,

Did you ever find a solution to this, I am having the exact same problem in 4.25.1

Edit: I solved it in my project by baking at Production quality (using GPU lightmass)

Very interesting, found this thread after having similar triangular shadows with static point lights, many of them casting a strange shadow (left)

switching build quality to medium did solve the issue (right image), using Lightmass on CPU (I wish I had a Raytracing capable GPU to do lightmass with this). Thanks @Dippndots for this hint.

BTW: anyone knows, if the well known baking seams artifacts caused my lightmass’ use of multiple threads is solved with GPU lightmass?