Strange tracking issues with the HTC Vive when I scale down main player

I am using a set actor scale 3d to make the player 10 times smaller in the game world but when he becomes smaller the camera and tracking becomes messed up. When you try to move around in your Vive, tracking becomes 10 times less responsive.

If the room scale bounds covered 100 square panels then if you walked across the room in the game you would walk 100 panels when the character was full size then when you shrink the player the room scale would cover 10 square panels. You should be able to walk across the 10 panels but it works out that you can only walk across one panel. It almost feels like the room bounds are sliding across the floor.

I think that somehow making the character 10 times smaller reduces the tracking ability of the vive somehow. If there was a way to increase the strength of the tracking I think this would fix the issue but I wouldn’t know where to start.

It sounds all around dangerous to scale the player down as such. I would instead set the collision radius and height to 10 times less and adjust the mesh/camera to match.