Strange Texture Loading

I’ve been working on a retro 3d game, with pixels and low poly models, and I’ve noticed a strange texture loading issue in my game. All the facial expressions of my characters are driven my a
Flip book inside the materials.
However, when switching faces, the texture (even though it is technically the same texture, just using a different coordinate on the sprite sheet) takes about a half second to load in, leading to gross artifacts on the eyes like this:

Once the texture is finished loading it looks like it should


While it may look minor, it can be very distracting in game when talking to a character. I’d love to know if there is some way to improve the performance (or whatever is affecting the color). I really understand why it should take so long when the sprite sheet for the eyes are only 96x380.

it could have something to do with the texture streaming system. is your material set as streamable?

I’ve tried it with streaming enabled and disabled. Neither effect it.

Alright I figured it out. I seems like Anti-Aliasing above the “low” setting causes the artifacts on the textures. I’ve been considering disabling AA for a while, to add to the retro style look, so this isn’t too big an issue.

good to know. please mark this as answered.