Strange Shadows with Voxel-Style Models

Hello all,

I have imported a voxel model in an OBJ file format. Everything is fine in the previews, in fact, it looks better in the previews. But as soon as I bake my lighting, the voxel model has some very strange results. I have attached a photo below.

To let you know the information of the model, it is an OBJ file format that I created in MagicaVoxel and ported over to Qubicle. The texture file Level of Detail settings are as follows:
Mip Gen Settings = From Texture Group
LOD Bias = 0
Texture Group = 2D Pixels (Unfiltered)

Does anyone have a fix for this? Or is it perhaps an error with my model itself? I can’t quite figure this out. I thank you all for taking time out of your day and reading this.