Strange shadow?

Hi guys , i am pretty new with Unreal i have some strange shadow(at least i think so).
I am having a wall , which is a static mesh imported from 3ds Max , for lighting i am using “DirectionalLightStationary”.
As far as i understand there is nothing in the level that should cast a shadow with such shape:


There is nothing that can cast a shadow with such form in the level:


and that’s the mesh with the UVs:


I have no idea where this is coming from. Any help should be appreciated.

Hi Krum,

You’ll want to increase the Lightmap Resolution of the mesh receiving the shadow. Without a higher resolution the baked shadow quality will have artifacts like this.

Lighting Documentation: Lighting the Environment | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also, here is a basic lighting questions troubleshooting guide I wrote a while back. You can check the section for Lightmap Resolution/Shadow Quality for additional tips.


Hi Tim,
thanks for the answer.
Actually before i start the thread i thought that this is the problem and i increased it , but as i am a newbie i have increased the “Min Lightmap Resolution”(up to 2048 :D) Now when you said , i re checked and saw what i did…
“Lightmap Resolution” to 128 seems to take care of the problem.
Thank"s for the help!