Strange shadow

Hi, I was working on a Level and found this strange shadow

1: Quality is on epic, is the same on low

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

what seems to be the problem?

Did you try rebuilding lights?

If that didn’t work… try this little trick:
On the engine source code, go to Go to Engine/Shaders/PostProcessTemporalAA.usf and change both lines 319 and 348 from “#define AA_YCOCG 1” to “#define AA_YCOCG 0”

It might cost you a bit of performance maybe, depending of your game, but maybe it can fix it?

Good luck!

shadow is too grainy, probably i’ve set this somewhere for improve shadow but i can’t remember where :slight_smile:
could be some parameter something in postprocess but deactiving it it, the shadow doesn’t change .