Strange Shadow With Static Mesh Wall

Hello, I posted this in the answer hub but never got a reply, just wondering if anyone can help me here.

I have made a static mesh floor in Blender and imported it into UE4 everything worked perfectly until I lined the flooring up to fit and realised that they have a strange shadow on the corners of them every time lighting is generated any idea what might be causing this? Here is an example:


Here is a video that rendered terribly however here it is anyway:

And here is the FBX:


Bad Lightmap UV’s is primarily the cause for this.

  • Have you already rebuild the light?
  • do you have a lightmass importance volume in your level?
  • increase the lightmap resolution
  • check if your 2nd uv channel (lightmap) is correct:

In my case I somehow dont get those shadows (probably you havent placed it correctly so that the cast a small shadow) :slight_smile:

Okay I have done the exact tutorial just like I have before and I am receiving the same result.

Here is my light map:

Here is my UV:

Not sure if you can notice any faults with that? I have followed the tutorial exactly. The FBX is there if anyone has any time to check it out for me. Thanks

I have also rebuilt lighting and get the same effect if I add a light next to that shadow it doesn’t effect it. The blocks are placed perfectly in line. If a block is rotated it still shows. I have not added a lightmass importance volume I have literally opened the First Person Blue Print level and started building.

Pretty strange. In my case it works perfectly ^^

floor.jpg (I just made a floor with the mesh that you have uploaded)

I just used the basic map template + added a skylight + rebuild the light


Now I also got the strange shadow -> solved it with increasing the lightmap resolution to 128

It is probably getting the issue with the neighbor texels. Separate all edges on the uv (since they are all hard edges) and layout properly. Allow some spacing between the shells or snap the UVs in a small grid (not sure if unreal would work better with pixel center or corner).

Thanks guys it’s appearing nicely now!! :slight_smile: