Strange rendering overlap

[SOLVED]Hello everyone!
I’ve noticed some strange rendering mess, check out screenshoots, hope they’re enough self-explanatory.
Tested with both UE 4.5.1 and 4.4.3, with same results in both versions.

Here’s screen of my mesh from 3ds max, mesh consist of 3 horisontal quad planes, material with opacity mask applied:

Here’s simple material setup, that’s just simpliest translucient/unlit material ever:

Here’s screen showing these same meshes in game, placed very close to each other, from this angle of view they look fine, without issues:

But, while I move around them, i see how middle and bottom planes fom some meshes begin overlay higher planes of neighbour mesh:

And even in editor i see same overlaps from some view positions:

So, what is going on? Does anybody know how to fix it?
Here’re assets used in this example: Download

It’s an issue with sorting, try using Opacity Mask as your blend mode instead of translucency–it will use black or white for the opacity instead of shades of gray. There’s some other settings in the material that you can mess with to try and fix it also.

Yeeea found solution:D
Hi darthviper107! That was very close:

Actually, “Translucent Sort Priority” value in static mesh’s settings do the trick. It sets priority for every static mesh to overlay all other static meshes with translucent material depending on their own “Translucent Sort Priority”

You beat me to it. I was halfway through typing that exact solution… Good to hear you got it fixed! :slight_smile:

Hi!!! thanks for the tip!
I have a similar issue and not finding a solution
I am having elements overlapping inside the same mesh. elements are parallel shapes but at different depths but some front elements are rendered in back of others like this topic but instead sortin between meshes I need to fix sorting elements of the same mesh.