Strange Problem with CV1 after latest update

Hi folks,

I’m currently working with Oculus CV1 (1.9) and Unreal 4.12.5. and 4.13.2 projects. Since the last update of the oculus runtime I have a very strange bug in vr mode. It seems like the assets in the level get distorded when you rotate your head (in any direction) Furthermore the whole fov is like a fish eye lense. This causes instant motion sickness. Has anyone of you encountered this kind of problem so far? I dont have any clue how to get rid of this interesting problem. Instanced stereo rendering is activated and I have fps better than 90fps. It used to work fine for weeks, but since the latest updates virtual reality is not enjoyable…

With best regards

I’m using Oculus CV1 with the latest updates and Unreal Engine 4.13.0 and I’m not getting any of the distortion effects you’re describing.

You should try to run a brand new project in VR mode and see if you can replicate the issue. Let us know what happens.