Strange problem: Help me!!! (meshes clipping)

I was trying to put two big meshes in a scene when this happened

I dont really understand this :frowning:

Don’t understand your question. If one object is in front of the other… it’s positioned there. Use more than one color as well

This happened to me in Maya when i was using PNG textures, i forgot to remove the transparency on the material, i probably forgot to not make the png transparent, didnt remove the alpha channel. Maybe its something similar.

My objects are very big and the spaceship is far from them. I use origin rebasing for precision stuff, but this strange problem happens. When I am close to my objects, they are where they should be, but when I get far away, this happens… I think it has something to do with camera limits but I don’t know how to fix it

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
But I dont use textures here, it’s a giant sphere object that has a Constant3Vector applied to the base color of the material.
When I am close to the spheres, I see them fine, with thel being where they should be. The problem happens when I fly really far away from the objects. I use orogin rebasing to keepe my pawn in the center.

Are you using opaque or translucent materials?

No, I don’t. These are the most basic materials which don’t have textures.