Strange pixels appear on objects

Hello. I can’t really explain my problem but strange pixels appear on objects. I attached a video

Your video is unavailable. Have you managed to fix your problem so?


I’ll say like @Gundes

Your video is unreadable

Oh yes I forgot to disable private mode ov the video, sorry

Well, this is weird but my guess is that its related to motion blur or something like that (Maybe Temporal AA ?) Seems to me that the motion is so fast that some pixel stay in place when it disappearing so an issue with something updating not fast enough.

Are you using Lumen ? Maybe you could try with a post process volume and turning off Lumen to see if the problem persist. If it fix the Issue, then you might want to tweak the Lumen’s updates settings

Maybe, but I updated UE to 5.1.0 and the problem disappeared and the game started to be smoother (a lot)