Strange Particle Emitter spawn rate behavior (?)

Hey all,

I’m having a curious problem and I wonder if anyone can shed some light on what’s happening?

I have a cannonball animation coming in from off screen for a cinematic shot I’m working on. I added a particle emitter to a Anim Notify to leave a smoke trail as it animates. This set up worked great in another environment I created, so I implemented it here.

It’s not the exact same particle emitter (I didn’t migrate it from the other project) but both are based on the same basic smoke emitter earlier with adjustments to make it trail.

The odd thing is that when I play the level (either with Matinee running or not) the first time the animation runs the smoke trail is extremely dense, almost as if the spawn rate were a lot higher than where I set it.
On the left is the first loop of the animation, which looks wrong. On the right is the goal look, which is achieves after the first loop is done. This is how it looked in my previous project, in the particle editor, and in the animation preview.

Any thoughts on what could be happening? I can send screenshots of the particle set up too. Doesn’t seem to be a camera proximity problem, as they are all a variety of distances away and have the same problems. First loop looks thick, second loops on look fine.

Thanks in advance!

Oh man, finally figured it out. Nudged the Anim Notify off the first frame of the animation to delay it a few frames, then the smoke didn’t start spawning weird. For some reason that worked. Though, shouldn’t it not start the particle emitter until the animation is played? Or because its on the first frame, is is being called anyway?
HM. anyway. Looking much better now.