Strange particle beam visibility behaviour

I set up a particle beam on my character following the laser sight tutorial found [here.][1]

It all works as expected until I try to make the laser toggle-able by controlling the visibility of the particle system.

Now it usually works, but after moving too far in one direction with it turned off, it will sometimes not become visible until turning almost 180 degrees back in the opposite direction. (This is with the mouse button held down.)
Walking the width of the default level in the first person starter project is usually far enough to recreate this problem, but not every time.

As long as I regularly trigger the laser it seems to work 100% of the time.

Is this some weird bug, or am I overlooking something painfully obvious?

This has happened to me also, have you found a fix for this?


I didn’t find a fix for the specific problem, but was able to work around it by adjusting the particle system’s alpha value to 0 instead of toggling its visibility.

Same issue still with 4.11 I’m afraid.

@spaid - thanks for the tip, I ended up using Alpha to control visibility too, just hope there’s no performance impact with this workaround.

Still not fixed/same issue in 4.12 I can shoot in a 180 degree arc fine, it appears to only be levels with landscape (World origin shifting messing around with it?)

Turning on the debug lines in the cascade for the particles show it’s all working, the beam data itself is having issues.

Same issue with 4.14 and beam connected to vive controller.

I have the same issue in 4.15.2. Good thinking with the alpha channel.
Edit: Changing the alpha channel still has the same weird behavior and doesn’t fix the issue for me.

Same problem in 4.20