Strange Offset Actors Bug in the Movie Render Queue and Rendered Frames

Hi people nice to meet you! This is my first topic so sorry if i make some mistakes, i will improve.

I am working for a videogame studio and i am currently facing a strange bug in Unreal Engine 5: When i use the cinematic view, the actors are in the correct locations but when i use the movie render queue, the actors have a strange offset on the Z axis ( UP ) making them walk almost one meter above the ground.

I leave here some pics and if you need any other information, i will deliver it.

P.s. i am currently having an error log of this nature, i think due to the AA Sampling?

[no shot CineCameraActor1] Due to Temporal sub-sampling or handle frames, evaluation will occur outside of shot boundaries (from frame -1 to 0). Section MovieSceneSkeletalAnimationSection_0 (Binding: BP_Character_Gladiator) starts during this time period and cannot be auto-expanded. Please extend this section to start on frame -1. (All times listed are relative to the master sequence) "

Images of the bug:



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Ok for future generations: i made the mistake of using Character blueprints instead of simple skeletal meshes, this resulted in an offset that was relative from the capsule to the skeletal mesh inside the blueprint and for some reason was automatically resetted when the take was running and not in the editor. Simply use skeletal meshes cor cinematics and you will be fine.