Strange low res dynamic shadows in 4.10.4 but ok in 4.11.1

Hi All

I`ve been working on a scene for a while and recently gone back to change something and relight and all of a sudden all the lighting looks really low resolution.

I tried updating to v4.11.1 of the editor and it looks fine in that, but I need to use 4.10.4 for now.
Have tried comparing settings but they all appear the same, i`m using a directional light and a skylight.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I`ve spent 3 hours trying to figure it out and cant figure it out. I change the light to moveable light in the screenshot to check that its casting dynamic shadows correctly, but it should be a stationary light.

Many thanks



Grrr, fixed after 4 hours discovered engine scaleabilty settings had been moved to low instead of epic. God knows how that happened.