Strange lights where it was not supposed to have

Hi! (Let me start with the famous “Sorry for my bad english” :D)
I’m a complete noob using Unreal.
For some reason, when is night on the game, and i’m on the ground, my character’s foot glows just line that sneakers.
And is not just my foot, but the bottom of the trees, stones and any other mesh in my scene (Even the f@#$@! flowers)
Can you guys help me? This is really killing the cool scary forest that i’m trying to pass :'c

*I’ll link some screenshots.

  • I use Directional Light as the sun

It looks like you tried to lit this scene from below.

Did you set directional light intensity to 0 when it goes under horizon?

Check this tutorials for day/night system

Hi Redbox, thanks for the answer!
I followed the tutorial and now I have some questions :'D
This Remote event node is now the Call Function? And as I’m using a DirectionalLight, I should set the Intensity instead of the Brightness, right?
Everything seems to be working but the “Night Threshold” float that I have no clue of what number to put as default :c

This is what I have right now:
(Sorry for the mess, i’m really noob in UE4)

Its just a event. I think its meaningless, you can Set Intensity right after that branch.

According to your setup NightThreshold means sun angle when night starts, but I think it should use Pitch, not Roll.

Oh, I see now ;-
I haven’t noticed that the positions in the break rotator was changed… That actually fixed everything :DD
Thank man! You were a big help.