Strange Lighting Distance Problem

This road is split into segments, the closer they are the lighting is normal. But in the distance, they become darker. This changes as the player moves about.
Any reason why this occurs?

It’s likely a quality level transition in the lighting / shadowing. What is the lighting setup? Is ray tracing on? Is there a Post Process Volume, and is it Unbound?

Just the default lighting setup from the engine. Ray tracing is off. I do have a post-process volume but I don’t know where to check if it’s unbound

By default, the PPV is unbound, in my experience so far (4.23, 4.24.2). But it could be off. Click on the Post Process Volume in World Outliner (upper right list), scroll down to, I think, Post Process Settings, and it’s the last setting in the list. It’s a checkbox. If set to Bound, then its bounds are determined by its size, and also its Radius, Blend Weight, and Priority (if its overlapping another post process volume).

Kind of looks like shadow biasing from the screenshot. If you toggle shadows on your Directional Light or reposition it, does the artifact change? Are you using Pixel Depth Offset on the road material?