Strange lighting artefacts in shaded area of static mesh in Unreal engine 4.25.3

Hi Guys!!! Need a favor from all of you. It’s a huge landscape using brushify as a base sculpting. On top of this, I used a few rock stones assets to get my scene presentable. As a lighting tool, I used one directional light with dynamic mobility( for shadow, I used cascade along with distance field approach). We are happy with look. But I am getting strange lighting penetration in the shaded area which is blocked by sun light. In fact, those strong artefacts move and gradually shift which you move your third person player.

Any hint on this !! :):):slight_smile:

Are the problem areas flickering or flashing too? It looks like it’s only happening on the stone assets, which could mean it’s a material and/or a mesh problem.

Hi presto423 !!! See it occurs only on those stone assets. It could be either one of those two cases. I increased light map resolution but without any outcome:(

I’m just getting into the 3D model / animation things now so please excuse my ignorance but… Wouldn’t rebuilding lighting resolve the issue? It says you need to rebuild it so maybe that’s the issue? If not, maybe the normal map isn’t set to normal map compression in the image setting?

Are you using mesh distance fields (MDF)? One thing to try in the meshes is increase MDF resolution to 2 or 3, and possibly make it two-sided. The results can be previewed immediately in the mesh editor when trying it. As far as materials, it could be too high of a metallic and/or specular setting, or a setting needs changing in the details panel inside the material editor (click in empty area of graph to access details panel of the material, which is in the lower left).

@hedgie17 !!! No. I had run my light build for several times, But no result.

Now I have uploaded my exact issue which is still unresolved:(. Some weired issue I am facing, if you please look at the image, some highlight portion on the shaded area or shadow dominated area. Those patches should not be there for sure. @presto423, yes I have used MDF and resolution I kept 3. I have checked my material, specularity is just 0.03.

This time, I have switched of my sky light influence, you can see clear artefacts or light leakage on the mesh. Is there any better way to handle this

The preview with no skylight looks correct, if the directional has at least 1 indirect bounce. The lower part (to the right) is sticking out enough from the top of the rock to not be occluded entirely. The top areas that are semi-lit are getting bounce lighting and some direct. With the skylight, it appears that shadow leaking is happening around the lower area, but it could be it’s not. Stones often have a wide specular reflectance, so it’s actually a plausible result.

This looks like an issue with your bake

Yea, it would help if you showed what the texture looks like flat.
otherwise I’m with presto on this one, the light seems to be correct and not a leak. To check you can turn on the turn table…