Strange darker square on landscape mesh

Hi everybody and thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

I’ve got this weird error on my landscape mesh!
Even if I rebuild my lighting it won’t go away! I’ve tried with everything I actually know like Lightmass importance, add more resolution on lightmaps… But still nothing!
Any ideas?

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

No ideas?:frowning:

Are you talking about the dark lines? They are caused by the tiling texture.
You should open the texture in photoshop or w/e and check the edges. It probably has 1 or 2 pixel dark edge around the texture which becomes very obvious when you tile the texture a lot like you are doing.

Nope, if you see the image, there’s a big darker square in the center of the map. This is overlapping the textures.
And I don’t how know to get rid of it!

Can we see the UVs in your 3D Package? If there is something overlapping then you should be able to lay them out again.

It kind of just looks like the grid, is it there during gameplay?

Nicolaskruzel, the ground mesh has been created with landscape tool! So UVs are been automatically created by Unreal! I tried to raise the static lighting resolution but nothing changed!

Darthviper , yes it’s still there when playing!!

i believe this is the square is talking about. although i have no idea whats causing it i thought is point it out as there seems to be a little confusion. this shows up on my IPS panel, but not my LCD or LED screen