Strange border after converting project

I converted a blueprint project based on the flying example to 4.10. Now every time I PIE or in a separate window I get a weird semi-transparent concrete looking border.

I’ve looked everywhere and I have no idea what this is or how to get rid of it. It’s not something I made or have ever seen before. Someone know where this came from?


Could it be some sort of vignette effect in your post processing settings? That does indeed look strange.

Lol… Definitely not just some random visual bug, that effect looks like it might be coming from post processing. My bet is that that texture effect is in the starter content somewhere if your project has starter content.

It’s look like default post process material. This is seen when some of your post process material is still compiling.

Can also be caused if the Post Process material is invalid as well, or doesn’t compile.

I know that pattern very well. That is usually used from the Decals.
If you have a material effect on the postprocess for the camera. It definitly gives you errors and is not compatible.

I have some of the starter content included but I can’t seem to find this material. I haven’t made any changes to the post-processing on the camera. I even deleted the camera object and re-added one. Can’t get it to go away. Thanks for the advice so far but does anyone have somewhere I can look or something I can try to remove it?

I added a second camera to the scene and when I use that one, it has the same effect.

Does moving this slider turn off post processing? Because when I put this to zero I STILL get the weird border.

Got it figured out. Apparently someone else had the same issue. It has to do with SceneTexture:SceneColor in my highlight material. Thanks for the help!