Strange blobs on meshes

Not me, but wondering if I should to fix issue , easy to try, I had eased off using it as I saw therad indiating its not being maintained anywhere &/or might not be a good idea for world comp worlds, but worth a try, maybe they were incorrect ;0-

I’ve found numerous cases of incorrect or misleading information in the threads and docs. It can be easily visualized, though not sure how to use that. One of its intended functions is to enhance volumetric fog and other kinds of lighting-dependent effects, which might include a terrain issue. It’s really an addition to dynamic occlusion and indirect lighting, so I was thinking it could be useful for correcting and improving different things. However, I haven’t figured out how to set it to a specific position yet in the template level. When I visualize the volume for it (a purple box and stats), it follows the camera everywhere while maintaining its set size. I was still able to use it to get rid of shadow leaks through the floor.

I got rid of this problem by turning off mesh distance fields. It occurs with MDF and dynamic skylight…

I"m finding lighting to be necessary ofc, but a horrendous nightmare,having to turn shadows OFF, using the new sun and sky just to STOP the horrible sphere of shadow that follows player everywhere…is there truly no other option ? Do I have settings somewhere else wrong causing this ? I’ve tried everything I can see inside sun and sky inheritance and nothing but clicking off on ‘cast shadows’ is working…OH the irony. From a certain perspective these are my blobs o_0

Its totaly DFAO.

Sorry for delay just getting some timehere,so Is there something under project setting, if so I’m not seeing it, but ya it IS under DFAO in skylight , tho I’m using Sky & Sun , is it done diffrently there? Anyway you can’t seem to get rid of it completely , just set to 0.0, but min or multiply still shows up.

Really relevant…

Sorry for being late, had not checked forums in awhile, you can either use r.DistanceFieldAO 0 as an .ini or remove distance field generation.

These artifacts can also stem from meshes which are imported in the incorrect size (too small), and then have been scaled considerable, by 10 for instance. Exporting, importing with proper scale fixed this sort of artifact.