Strange behaviour caused by Exposure Settings when using Buffer Visualization - Roughness


I used the Buffer Visualization view mode for Roughness to inspect my environment’s roughness range and noticed that the values in the viewport were way off from the values in my Roughness textures when using this View Mode. I tracked down this discrepancy to be caused by the Exposure value in my post processing. A high or low exposure value (like 10) would drastically alter the values shown in the Roughness Visualization - here below I demonstrate how weird this can get.

Example 1: Exposure set to 1.0 for Min and Max. I have a material on the left cube with a roughness value from 0-1 in a gradient, showcased in the viewport using the Roughness Visualization.

Example 2: Exposure set to 10.0 for Min and Max. Even though the the left cube should display a roughness range from 0-1 (black to white), it just looks dark grayish at the values that should be 1 because of the exposure.

Example 3: Exposure set to 0.01 for Min Max. Here the Roughness values that should span from black to white just gets completely blown out.

I see no reason why the post processing exposure should interfere with the displayed values for the Roughness Visualization. I would like a consistent value range from 0-1 so I can inspect my roughness range properly from scene to scene. Using the Base Color Visualization also get strange results when using different exposures, like demonstrated under here.

I use these visualization modes to inspect my materials, and after discovering this varying behaviour from different exposure settings I feel that they are not very useful as a view mode. In my current environment, I have a wide range of materials yet nearly all of them just gets displayed as a pure white roughness value in the viewport when using the visualization views because of my exposure settings.

Using Lit mode, the materials do act like they should. A shiny roughness value does look shiny in the scene, it’s just awkward to inspect their values using the Roughness view mode at the moment. Wondering if there is a way to turn off the exposure’s influence in these Buffer Visualization view modes? Anyways I find this to be a quite odd issue and I would love if someone could take a look at it.

Cheers, Olof Norling