Strange behavior of RAM in compilation

Saldations to all.
I have a very intriguing question regarding excessive memory consumption only at the time of compiling the project. I have looked for answers in forums about it and found no conclusive that would kill the problem. I am working with 16 GB ram, I5 and GTX 1060 (windows 7-64) with no other application other than the UE4. See how curious this behavior of RAM, with 16 GB, my project is consuming when compiling, 12 GB (2GB slack), so far so good. 8 GB and now I’m with 24 GB recognized by the windows. I redone the same project now in 24 GB, and of course the consumption would have to mark the same 12 GB as before when it only had 16 GB right? . It turns out that it now gives me 22GB of consumption, coincidentally also with a 2GB slack. The bottom line is that I’m not enjoying my 8 GB comb that would give me time to continue the project. I can not find a logical reason for this. I have experimented with other programs and the consumption of ram did not behave bizarrely like in the UE4.
Can someone kill this charade?
Thank you guys!