Strange artefacts with light baking

Hi, i’m new to Unreal Engine (so probably noob question…) and want to use it for archviz

The idea is to make a sphere Panorama (360°) of a room using the BP_capture.
But the BP_Capture only works with baked lights, not RTX… so I have to bake lights

The problem is that I’m getting strange shadow artefacts on the curtains and walls of the room

I already tried to increase the shadow maps, changed the materials and checked the surface norms and UV of the curtains, no success so far.

The problem is probably originating from the Directional Light outside of the room, but I’m not shure why it happens.

Please help, i already spend like 3h trying to fix it, without succsess.

I keep seeing this problem of pixelated areas in indoor scenes, and curtains that appear to be blurred and shading is noticeably off. Did you try adjusting Shadow Slope Bias and enabling “Transmission”? What are the RT settings in the post process volume?

Thank you for the reply, but its still not working.


the strange thing is that the error occures if I delete the curtains and rebuild the lighting… so probably its a problem with the light source ?

RT is completely turned off, it won’t work with the BP_capture Sphere Blueprint, so i’m just using rasterized lighting

Is there no skylight in the scene? It could be an issue with the texture atlas(es) for those areas? Did modifying Shadow / Slope Bias result in any change (obviously not correcting it)?

Check to see if the spotlights / point lights are over 4 overlapping. I would offer to check the project via downloading it, but I’m experiencing a major issue with Unreal Engine currently that is too much to do so.

This has been going round and round… ( the subject ). I also get this on landscapes with baked lights.

The only useful piece of info I have so far is, it doesn’t happen in the packaged build… :-/

Yeah, I’ve seen it a ton in the forum, especially Rendering and Archviz, but also AnswerHub. It’s occurred for the past several months now, at least. I’ve seen it happened years earlier, but not sure if it’s all the same general cause or multiple different causes. I’ve only encountered it one time, particularly the pixelated squares on opaque surfaces. I’ve even seen a few people get rid of it, but I don’t recall which posts those were exactly or how it was solved. I need to check my previous replies and threads I accessed, of which there’s a ton.