Strafe Attack - Battlefield styled co-op helicopter game

Strafe Attack will be a Co-op battlefield styled helicopter game, the way this game will work is 1 person will pilot and the other one will shoot. It is currently being developed by a team of 4 people and development is going quite well.

Team Members:
mjfabian (Team Manager/ Level Designer)
Gregghamz (3D art assets)
Dingo_aus (Programmer/ 3D art assets)
fred64 (Programmer)

Current working stuff:
Working flying helicopter: - YouTube
Shoot System: - YouTube
Crash System (I’m working on making this damage based instead of collision based): - YouTube

Anyway that’s pretty much all for now.
Check out the recruitment thread:
Note: I left the team!

Looks pretty good so far. The title reminds of the old Strike series which ruled. Looking forward to more from you and your team!

Latest development version, not yet ready for an internal release but progress all the same:

The helicopter movement is still way off… Maybe this can help you out…

I haven’t fixed blade angles yet but did correct the smoke on the vehicles:

Checking in all the code now so the team has access.

If anyone wants to join the team to help out, I’m happy to add them to the permitted users who can access the game.

You already have access. In Assembla look under the P4 tab.
Familiarise yourself with Perforce workflow before taking actions though because the wrong action can lock out the rest of the team.

Rudimentary implementation of missiles:

I have posted a message in the internal Assembla forum.

First SAM Site test

Cool!!! Nice job

Well the next update isn’t as visually exciting as the rest.

I’ve taking the first step to making a Slate based menu for the game. Slate was used in ShooterGame for its flashy animated all singing, all dancing menu and HUD. The more simple menu and HUD found in the content examples Blueprint_HUD probably isn’t powerful enough for what we want it to do.

Long story short, Slate has extremely little documentation, and is only available via C++. It took me a whole day but I finally pieced it all together to be able to draw a button on screen, capture it being clicked and react to that. Not much to look at but this is the foundation and necessary first step to really slick menus and HUD graphics.

Progress being made.

I’ve not had much time, but I’m still plugging away at the menu code.

I expect to have a button able to load a map soon. Maybe the next couple of days, then I’ll start to flesh out the main menu, settings etc and then return to working on the HUDs.

I can’t wait to see the models mjfabian is working on. Pretty impressed with your work so far.

just to announce I am also on the team, helping with helicopter physics

we will try to make something not too complex, similar to Battlefield or Arma 3, just started modifying the flying blueprint, I hope we can show something soon


Just thought I’d telling everyone that I left this project.

I’ve had success at prototyping the menu, so I’ll be implementing that in coming days and I’ll post a video.

A WIP low poly model for the game:

One of the new buildings from GreggzHam:

Well after a couple of false starts and a frustruting journey hitting known bugs (being fixed in 4.2) I can finally present the very first, very rough menu for Strafe Attack. The graphics are less than impressive, but the behind the scenes flexibility and new fought knowledge of the engine means this is a mile marker on a road of progress:

Really nice!!!