Storing notes?

How would I go about storing notes using the keyboard in game, e.g. you click a cube it asks you type in text in a pop up box you then type your note say then push enter, it stores the note into a variable in the cube. Then next part would be how would you save the game for next time so the notes are still there? I am a bit of a beginner but am willing to put the work in to do this. I am trying to a create a 3d environment where I can store my notes.

What you are going to need is to add save games to your projects. They can be both used from BluePrints and from C++. The following resource should get you started: Save your game.

To show a text box what you would require is to build a user interface using Slate in C++ or UMG in BluePrints.

Many thanks your information is most useful.

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