Store Animation Data in Buffer

Apologies for the high level question, having trouble with where to even begin approaching this.

I work with live stream motion capture data for performance and build a tools for live performance and dance related work.

I was wondering if it’s possible to sample or store animation data from a skeletal mesh in a buffer and apply it to a different skeletal mesh while in play mode. I would also like to be able to scrub through the animation data in different speeds, different loop points, reverse, etc. If you work with music sampling that’s an easier way to conceptualize what I’m imagining, a sampler for animation data that can then be played back, manipulated, distorted, etc.

I know you can record animation while in play mode to a file but I’m looking for something more real time than that, like a buffer that can be continuously overwritten and resized. Maybe the answer is to continuously overwrite the animation file and reference that?

I’m guessing this would require C++ rather than blueprints. I’m personally adept with blueprints but have collaborators with C++ experience so that’s an option.

Thanks in advance for any help brainstorming where to start approaching this from.

Hi Matt’ Im wondering if you got anywhere with this? Im also VERY interested in this.