Stopping an emitter after a single run

I have an emitter spawning at the muzzle of my gun to make a muzzle flash but right now it is continually spawning the effect and I want it to stop after a single run through.

I don’t know about the weapon association but in cascade if you click on the “required” module there is a duration subsection with number of loops.

If you want to use a looping emitter, in the case where you might hold the trigger and want to see the effect play for a duration, just use deactivate in your Blueprint to turn the effect off.

You can use Activate and Deactivate for toggles.

Go through details section in particle emitter, If you find that loop value is set to 0 ,then that makes emitter to loop infinitely. Set the loop value to 1 and now the auto destroy will work fine after emitter plays for one time .

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