Stop replicating light component(spot light)?

As question asked. How do you make a light source not replicate? So what I’m trying to do is turn on a spot light locally on my character pawn. Every time I do so it’ll turn all of them rather then just one. I tried to use owner only see but spot light cannot be connected. Am I missing something? Or this can’t happen in blueprints?

I’m really having a hard time getting this to work. I was able to hide actors locally but doing the same method doesn’t work with lights.

I would say that you need to set the “SetLight” event to NOT replicate and to only call it on the client.
This does not affect gameplay or could be used to cheat right?

Is this like a torch?

Hmm, I’ll do some quick testing.
I should be able to get back to you withen a few hours, Probably sooner as this sounds like something I could make use of.

I’m trying to make a quick and easy fog of war. Using a sphere collision to hide characters and show characters. Now I just need the light on player only to give the illusion of it being a fog of war but of course I only want it to be shown on local and not seen by everyone else.

Sorry for the delay.

Could you make each player handle there own lights ?
If not, You probably need to have a list of lights for each player probably in the GM and then call a RPC that runs on the client to enable them.