Stop rendering ribbon trail when it is dead

Hi everybody,

I am a noobie in Unreal but really appreciate the software.

Here is my question : I am creating a particle system where I am basically only using the ribbon trail. I control the “death” by selecting the “Dead trails on source loss” box in ribbon data. Which is nice because I can basically control at once the lifetime in seconds but also destroy it when there’s been many collisions.

But in the meantime what I would like to do is that when my ribbons particle source had too many collisions it disappears altogether. Right now when the “source is lost” (so my particle is killed) the trail just stays there for a little while. Which gives a really weird effect.

I would like to make it disappear so I don’t have frozen trails all over the place and in the meantime I can have new ribbon drawn more efficiently.

I looked for a long time but didn’t find anything that seemed to be doing this.

Anyone has an idea ?

Thank you very much.