stop input in progress

Hi all…
Someone can tell me how stop the moviments of my character in progress? I mean i want that ny character stop walking and move the viewport like the game paused but if set game paused my widget don’t appears…i don’t know why but only one appears…

Just make a Boolean that controls whether or not your player should be able to move, set the Boolean to false when you spawn your widget. This will stop the player from moving, but let the rest of the game play out if you want that to happen.

how i can stop the moviment?

hey Siengried check out this post I just showed how you can make simple functions to do this

Did you not read my previous reply? Just make a boolean, hook that boolean up to a branch for every movement input event. When the branch/boolean is true, it should continue to the movement code, when the branch/Boolean is false, do nothing.

jamen i understand the bool but i don’t understand what node i have to use for stop the movement after setted the bool

This depends on your setup mate. One version would be something like this (The InputKey is random on my end. It’s just an example!):

If you are using InputAxis like this one:

The movement will stop when releasing the Key, since the “AxisValue/ScaleValue” will be 0 at this point:

You see, there are multiple ways to do this. It is important to know how you are processing Input in your Project, otherwise
we can’t give you a fitting solution.

if this can help you i m using this for block all the movement like a cinematic…but if use ui mode and i m still moving he continue to move for stop after a few of steps…

Have you tried changing the values of character movement? Like set velocity to ‘0’

This will not solve the animation problem, you’ll probably have to stop through the logic, but this will force the acceleration to zero and will avoid those “extra steps”.

now i have setted the movement to 0.0 but i need to set a target…what i have to set and what object requires cast to third person?not get player controller
This is my node if it can help…

Call the (Get Player Character) node and hook it up to object on (Cast To Thirdpersoncharacter) node, that will give you your character reference.

And for the Target it is the “CharacterMovementComponent”. Siengried :smiley: You really need to learn objective programming basics.
I already explained to you how to cast and what this is about. The cast is resulting in a “ThirdPersonCharacter”. So you might
want to use the Character for the Object input. (GetPlayerCharacter).

And in your screen, at the bottom, you see what the SET Velocity node wants as a target.

For now you have no Target plugged in, so it takes “self” which is the Blueprint Class you are currently
working in. The Error says: “This blueprint (self) is not a CharacterMovementComponent, therefore ‘Target’ must have a connection.”

This tells you that Target needs to be a CharacterMovementComponent. You can get this from the PlayerCharacter.

so i have casted it to the character movement component bt now i need a new objective for the cast

This is what onimike has told you to do:

i do it but he still continue to walk

Then you might doing it wrong.

See, it’s pretty hard to help you, because we never get actual screenshots of your whole setup.
Your last screen shot shows some wildly connected nodes where you try to set the max walk speed,
which won’t do anything, since you need to change the Velocity.

We need more screenshots of the overall setup to tell you what and where to do.

When you want to stop your Movement, you need a boolean that you put in front of your movement
functions, and this boolean needs to be set to TRUE for moving and FALSE for not moving.

If you successfully managed to prevent the Player from moving the Character when you don’t want
him to, you can think about stopping his movement immediately. This one bool can control a lot.

You could take the bool and use it in the Event Tick of your Character. Once it is false you set the
velocity to (0,0,0). And that’s all.

There shouldn’t be much more to do.

A setup similar to this should totally be enough. You just need to set the bool to FALSE at the time you want
the Player to stop moving.

This is the image… i simple need that when the branch is true my pg(that is still moving if you are walking) stop to move…only this i can’t do…then works all for this part xD

Then do what i showed you above…

Create a bool in your PlayerCharacter. Set up the bool with the Event Tick like you see in my Screenshot above (you don’t need the part with the W key) and instead of setting the velocity
in that blueprint you showed me, you will want to set the boolean to false.

i have arleady created a bool that start from true… his name is “finito”

“Finito” is in your HUD, i want you to create this in your CharacterBlueprint.

Siengried, please start reading. We are just not getting forward here because you don’t do what we are telling you to.