Stop Foliage from disappearing from distance


I have an problem we are making an VR Open World Demo and we need urgent help as you can see and tell from the images the foliage disappears from an specific distance


  1. How can you stop this from happening

You have in foliage settings culling distance. Find it Cull Distance and set both to 0 - it means, foliage will be not disappear on any distance.

Next, check to disable Scalability / enable density scaling [ ] (uncheck).

But foliage cull distance is for a reason. As you can see, now you have less than 9fps, with more foliage and cull distance disabled, you can have 0fps or just slideshow or even freeze.

would that be under the textures or the mesh settings

In the Foliage Type in foliage paint editor, or find it in your browser, open and edit