Stop animation on Collision not working

Hi all

I am working on a VR experience and am coming up with quite an annoying issue.

Basically, i have a machine with an ON and OFF button which should Play/Stop parts of the machinery moving as well as the sound effect. I have set this up within the level blueprint so that “OnCollitionbeginOverlap” starts the animation and plays the sound, this works no problem, but the same setup for the OFF button to stop the animation and sound is not behaving! Maybe 50% of the time it will work as expected, but the other 50% it will stop the animation & sound for 1 second or so but it then just starts up again.
Please see the image attached of the above blueprint
The animation is simply a part of the machine rotating around its own axis (it is a lathe machine)

Im still a beginner so apologies if this is a daft Q :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated