Still no (basic) runtime landscape changes?

I’ve been having a long break from working with UE4 and casually followed update announcements, but I assume it’s still not at all possible, or practical, to allow basic changes to a landscape at runtime? What I’m aiming for is something like in Company of Heroes, where heavy explosions can cause like a one-time change at any spot to create a crater. It’s not like I need full landscape deformation or heightfield editing, but I assume it’s not any more trivial. I also assume finding a way to disable landscape collision in a spot and placing a crater mesh with decals/RVT to blend with the surrounding terrain isn’t possible either.

I’m aware of an earlier answer that said it’s possible to modify the source code to remove the [FONT=Courier New]#if WITH_EDITOR directives to enable landscape editing tools for runtime, but does that really work and not hurt optimization (too much)? I’ve not seen anyone actually do something with this.

Unfortunately, building a custom terrain system is out of my league, especially since I do like to have the same or similar features as Landscape.