Stero sounds to mono for positional audio


I have a lot of sound effects in stereo. I want to play them at a certain location, and this doesn’t work with stereo sounds (positional audio).
I have to export them and convert them to mono and import then again.

Is there a better and easier way than to convert them all to mono?



You can use a software with command line like SoX
You have some examples of use here.

For converting to mono it will be something like:

sox stereo.wav -c 1 mono.wav avg -b

Hope it works for you.

Hi darorck, thanks for your answer. I do this already (I’m using Audactiy though).

But this is tedious. Isn’t there a way to shortcut this and let UE4 do this (maybe even on-the-fly)?

Well, a faster way would be to create a .bat file with this content, (You need SOX installed and update with your own folders):

So you can drag and drop any audio file (with a supported format) over this new batch file and get an automatic conversion.
An UE4 plugin could be created to do this task but this is out of my scope (for now)

Good luck.