Stero for unreal

I have an application created on unity. it looks like the following way (see screenshots) How to make the same application only already in unreal engine 4. I ask for help as I am new

what are you attempting to say? are you trying to recreate your level in unreal engine? if thats the case learn to use the engine then just do it. or are you trying to import your game from unity to unreal? that isnt possible since they are two very different engines. or are you trying to make a specific look?

explain your goal clearly and thoroughly so people can understand what your trying to accomplish.

I’m at the learning stage of unreal engine4. and in parallel, I am looking for material for the implementation of my plan. That is, I want to make the same application but already on unreal.

this is all done for a 3d projector

again your speaking but not saying anything useful.

implementation of my plan

what plan? whats the goal?

I want to make the same application but already on unreal

“but already on unreal” what does that mean? if your trying to recreate your project from unity then learn the engine and just make it. i dont see what your problem is here and you seem reluctant to state what the issue is. explain your issue in a clear well defined manner or no one will be able to help you.