Stereoscopic 360 issues for youtube

Hey there I’ve been following this tutorial getting ready to try my first 360 animation in youtube

but he says to render at 4096 x 2048 but when I do that I get black edges that in the end only make a 180 video in youtube.


am I missing something because the 2 images on top of each other really make a square not a rectangle.

Also how are people converting their jpg sequences to mp4’s? Because when I take it into Adobe Media Converter it will only export a video out at a maximum of 2300x2300?

I’ve also been noticing the quality on youtube is terribly pixellated, do I just need to wait sometime for their end to produce all the different resolution versions?

Thanks in advance.

So monoscopic 360 output would be 4096x2048 in equirectangular format or 4096x4096 in equirectangular 3D Top/Bottom format.
I’ve found H.264 can **** out above 3840x2160 and so monoscopic output would be better in that case unless you can hot-rod the codec to support 4x4k…

BTW I just delivered a job via Unity and the HAP codec at 4x4k and it was immense; but was 500 megabytes per second to play (yes!)

Matt Hermans

Thanks Renbry,

so is there a setting i’m missing for monoscopic 360 output ?

Well I eventually got it all working, here’s my try with my test file…


Although I find youtube really kills the quality of everything even when this is a 4096 x 4096 file :frowning: even if i fiddle with their quality settings whilst playing the movie.

Anyhow my process in the end was…

Following but at 4096x4096 avi,
open in HandBrake, export as mp4 (Preset > Normal),
follow (but only tick the first option in their 360 Video Metadata app)
wait an hour or a day for high quality version to be produced by youtube.