Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture Skipping Frames

So I have a simple 2 second 30fps level sequence that I want to capture using the Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture plugin.

What I do is start the game in the editor viewport, then use the blueprint below to start the sequence and capture:

The problem is that the captured images are not in sync with the sequence. The sequence finishes 7 frames into the capture, and I’m left with 53 images of the last frame.
I thought the command “-usefixedtimestep -fps=30” is suppose to stop that from happening.

What am I doing wrong?

Try to set your games framerate to 30fps.

project settings - general - framerate

Try running your capture in standalone mode instead of playing in editor. I believe the fixed time step only takes effect in standalone mode.

You will also want to do your capture at 60 FPS and not 30. I found that when doing it at 30 FPS I would miss frames.

Thanks for the input guys.
But I actually fixed the major issue by starting the sequence at the end of the blueprint, rather than the first thing.

However just like Sam Deiter said

I am experiencing missed frames. I will try 60FPS

I have a similar problem while capturing StereoPano.
I end up with every 50th frame or so rendered in the following pattern where R is the rendered frame and - is non rendered frame. [R----------R----------R---------R----------RRRRRRRRRRRRR]
What am I doing wrong?

Here is my frames.txt for a test render of 3 frames.
FrameNumber, GameClock, TimeTaken(s)
0, 0.0333333, 35.605
1, 0.0333333, 35.536
2, 0.0333333, 39.531
Duration: 1.84453 minutes for frame range [0,2]

Resolved: I had to raise my fixed frame rate to 280 in Engine>General Settings>Fixed frame Rate. This is probably due to the video card being too fast. Geforce 1080.

So what worked for me is setting the frame rate in project settings > engine > general settings > to 60fps
Then played the game in a new editor window (PIE), then starting my blueprint.

Now the issue is how to turn this into a 4k 3D video.

Hello Hrishi,
i guess something at the end is wrong in your chain. You create a level Sequence player, but you should have the sequence player from you level connected with it. Just drop your LevelSequence with your mouse from the level Editor to the blueprint and connect it with the play target. Then it works. At least for me. And you can´t use cinematic cam. You need a normal camera actor. That what i found out and works fine.

Hey Talismansa,

i got it to output it via adobe premiere. Here you can go for 4k resolution. Just resize the left and right images by 50% in height and line them up so that they both giving 100 % of the 4K Top/Bottom picture. In the newest version you can write metadata for vr files needing for youtube. so all is perfekt for uploading it there.
there is a 7 days trail version of the premiere CC.

Anyone was able to combine left and right eye using C++ code? Or any software to do that ?