Stereo Layers on Gear VR

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing around with Stereo Layers to create the UI of my VR experience and, so far, both Quad and Cylinder layers work like a charm with some configuration. On the other hand, the Cubemap layer is not behaving so well. Take this basic configuration, for example:

Those are the settings of a StereoLayerComponent I added to an empty actor placed in a basic level. I am aware the “LeftTexture” is not actually a Cubemap but an Equirectangular projection, but according to this post that seems to be the way (I’ve tried with a Cubemap as well). Setting the texture in the “Texture” parameter in the StereoLayer itself casues the game to crash before even starting. Disabling Depth Support changes nothing either.

As it is, this renders nothing. No background, cubemap or image whatsoever.

Any advice?