Stereo Layers getting their texture from UMG widgets do not render on the Vive platform.


Thank you in advance for your help.

I set up an VR menu widget that is rendered with stereo layers with the help of this tutorial from Mitch’s VR lab.

It works great with the Oculus rift platform. But will not render when I test my build on the Vive.

I found information in the stereo layer documentation that shows the two platforms support stereo layers differently.

This is good information but I do not understand what adjustments I need to make for the UMG based stereo layers to function properly. I feel like it might be the fact that I cannot set the texture created by the UMG layer to UserInterFace2D (RGBA).

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I am an artist and not a programmer, scripting is still very new to me. I could just be making a simple mistake.

Just figured it out.

It was very simple. Add a set compression node after the render target. Choose UserInterface2d (RGBA). now it works with Vive. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have followed the tutorial from Mitch’s VR lab…But I have an issue with the stereo layer witch is not update at all (I work with the oculus rift too). And if I del the stereo layer component the stereo layer stay visible in the headset until I restart unreal (4.20.3). :confused: Did you had this kind of issue ?