Stereo layer support broken on VIVE?

Stereo Layers seem to be working great when using the Rift, but when I use the same blueprint scripts on the Vive I am running in to many issues. The World Locked Stereo Layer seems to be completely broken. It will move out of place and float around oddly as the view of the HMD changes.

I attempted this method for converting tracker locked stereo layers to world locked based on the pawn position but this also seems to have issues.

For now I am going to have to use this hack. I think we are still waiting for the ability to disable post processing on UMG Widgets.

I do not feel this is an acceptable solution. I would much prefer to use stereo layers and have them function as they do on the Rift.

If anyone has a solution for this problem please let me know. It would also be nice to hear from a staff member if the World Locked Stereo layers are in fact broken for Vive on the current build.

If you are trying to have the stereo layer follow an object there is a rather large issue currently where they are using the wrong rotation conversion in OpenVR for stereo layers. meaning that they will rotate incorrectly on one axis.

I have a pull request up for it…but its been sitting for awhile now.

There is an additional issue beyond that where it is not taking into account the rotation of the owning pawn to the camera when calculating the offsets, but that can be manually adjusted for locally, the rotation issues can’t really be.