Stereo layer offset after HMD reset

Hey everyone. It looks like I run into the bug : Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-49597).

Maybe anyone now how I can fix it? I tried to offset stereo layer back into the right position, but was not able to find proper math solution for this.
Also world locked or tracker locked space have the same problem.

I understand the bug does not appear when Yaw = 0, so your solution could be to call Reset Orientation and Position with Yaw = 0 and then immediately apply a World Rotation to your pawn. To the player it will make no difference.

Sadly, but our case is more complicated than usual VR games and I can not modify pawn rotation (or it’s much easier for me to throw away all stuff that requires stereo layer)

Not sure I follow your thinking. The bug shows up when you call Reset Orientation and Position with a given Yaw != 0. You can still call the node with Yaw = 0 and then rotate the player in VR with the wanted final Yaw. I am not suggesting the player rotates In Real Life, that would be silly and unnecessary.