stereo in Oculus, non-stereo on monitor

Hi guys,

I have a little project of virtual travel
and I need to have a stereo rendering for the Oculus (normal)
but also a non-stereo rendering on my computer monitor

I will explain a little
the person with the Oculus will only be a spectator
there will be another person in front of the computer who will move in the 3D environement
for the person with the computer it’ll be more easy to move with a non-stereo view instead of a split-distorded view

I investigate a little, and found the “hmd mirror” command that does almost the thing I want to,
but instead of a black screen on monitor, I’d like to have a non-stereo render

Anyone already try that ?
Is that possible or do I need to modify Unreal source code and recompile ?

Thanks for your help ^^

uh another move? the game going to be a nausea simulator?

there is no way i think

I think so too

maybe others applications could use that 2 differents views

It just amazes me what strange stuff people want to do with VR :smiley: As if we didn’t have enough nausea issues already. Also consider you would be rendering the game twice (or even 3x if you count stereo as 2) which would degrade performance even more.

i dont think its such a bad idea, its not necessary that the movement is in fps style, another person could be sort of a driver and one with oculus is a passenger. could be made comfortable if the person with oculus has the feeling that he is sitting in a chair while other person is showing him around, instead of another person is controlling your body and you can just move your head. i think a better approach would be a multiplayer simulation. i have made something like this in unity, where one person with oculus can run a simulation and walk around while other person could get into that simulation and make environmental changes, such as colors and textures, and this person had fps control on normal monitor. it was for an exhibition design concept, and architect wanted to demonstrate his client various design option and they were both in different cities.