Stereo Capture problem with Post Process Volumes

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I’m trying to capture my VR project with Stereo capture plugin. In one of my scenes I have an Underwater sequence and I used “Ocean Project”'s Underwater solution with Post Process volumes.
But It seems like Stereo Pano doesn’t capture PP volumes … Is there any workaround to make it happen ?!

This is how my underwater scene is :

And without PP it looks like this :confused:


Hi, I was making some researches too regarding the same problem. Apparently the feature is not yet supported but it has been requested bu some users.

You can try using external software for now, Photoshop is a valid solution.

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Thank you ardito, It’s so sad that there is no workaround for it yet. looking deeply forward for the fix…

The photoshop solution for this type of scene is so hard to do and it’s not something I can handle by myself.


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Any news on this ?! I see that the issue is not available anymore: