Steps involved in connecting over internet


I am currently doing a project involving networks. The functionality of the game itself regarding server/client replication, is working as intended.
When in PIE, i can host,find and join games between the virtual players.
It also connects to a SQL database, and gets/stores values used for game data.

Now i would like for 2 players to connect online.

I have tried reading, but gets lost in topics such as OnlineSubsystems, port forwarding, SteamWorks, and much more.

A lot seems to regard SteamWorks.
It is a game meant to be played by a few friends, and primarily made for learning, and SteamWorks asked questions regarding Company Info, Payment options, and other things that made me conclude that this solutions is way out of scope for my little project.

Is there a simple solution to connect players over the internet?

And if not, which topics should i know about to make it happen.
Can it be done without coding out of Unreal.
Is it possible to connect directly via IP, and if so, would that be easier than hosting/searching/joining?

My general networking knowledge is at a relative minimum, so please feel free to address me as you would to a noob :slight_smile:

For dedicated server you can follow this page and you’ll be good.
For hosting multiplayer game look at their youtube series link text and you’ll be fine too.

Hope you get what you want!

The first thing he mentions in the tutorial, is that it is going to be made through Steam. So that is not an option.
If i have 2 x 2 players, can each pair play their own separate game on the dedicated server, or is it max one server pr. game?