Steering Behaviors and Behavior Trees together?

I’m asking whether its the right way to implement craig reynolds steering behaviors as behavior tree tasks and use them to guide AI pawns without using built-in tree movement tasks? I mean, the pawns we have do contain a character movement component, and we already tried using moveTo to get a desired movement, but it doesn’t meet what we expect. We ultimately wish to implement steering behaviors by applying forces to AI pawns to get them to move properly.

How would this turn out? Behavior Trees to my knowledge along with blackboards are convenient in getting target points, managing conditions, and performing actions, along with other features. Without Trees, would we still be able to use Navmeshes and the likes to get our AI Pawn moving properly using A*? And with Trees, could be create steering tasks that drive our AI Pawn around through the NavMesh?

We just need confirmation so we can begin our approach, and given that we tried Trees and how we liked them, we prefer using them if possible, but steering behavior is also important. Thanks.

i also decide to did the similar stuff like u all do. Did u all successfully make the steering behavior work with the NavMesh?

Hello. I also want to develop steering behavior.
but I consider Navigation proxy and other things…

If I use move to, this agent won’t move smooth path.
like wander or alert monster.

Did you solve successfully make?...