SteamVRChaperoneComponent not working once project is compiled

So I posted this thread the other day:

Unfortunately it got tumbleweeds.

But I did a bit more digging today, and it turns out the issue is that SteamVRChaperoneComponent (used in BPMotionController in the VRTemplate in the Set Room Scale Bounds function) refuses to work outside of the editor.

Digging into the code and it says:

	FSteamVRHMD* SteamVRHMD = (FSteamVRHMD*)(GEngine->HMDDevice.Get());
	if (SteamVRHMD && SteamVRHMD->IsStereoEnabled())
		RetValue = SteamVRHMD->GetBounds();

So one of those two statements is failing outside the editor… and I’m not sure which (or how to check).

Anyone able to hazard a guess at a solution to this issue?